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Since the very beginning of our human history
we are building and shaping our surrounding environment
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We were building depend on the
available technology and our understanding
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Today we have to face a lot of challenges - climate change, social change, economic change
and we have to face our responsibility by combining technology, processes and innovation
Being efficient is not just an aim but a way of living behavior. Trough our lives we are changing, growing and developing. It is the same with buildings. They are surrounding us and we are spending most of our time in them. Why are we expecting we could be efficient without our buildings being efficient?

Vidako presentation

FFacility Management is essential part of our business, offering thousands of ways to be more efficient and sustainable. But which is the right method and approach...

VVIDAKO is a company which believes that our surrounding environment is enabler for business success and continuous improvement.


VIDAKO aims to partner with private building owners and support them in implementation of different measures for increasing the sustainability of their business. Reduction of maintenance and utility costs by promoting modern technologies and management practices...more


Today we are happy to have access to many different and innovative technologies and to discuss which is the best solution for our buildings. But still there are difficulties to choose the right balance between relevant technologies, needed investments and expected results...more


All buildings present some opportunity for energy efficiency improvements. As more efficient technologies and practices emerge, even relatively new buildings can achieve savings. Successful continuous improvement of building performance requires more than opportunities...more